Beirut art fair

21 - 24- September

Khaled zaki
Beirut art fair
21 - 24- September

Beirut art fair

21 - 24- September

Khaled zaki
Beirut art fair
21 - 24- September

The Egyptian Pavilion

55th Venice Biennale - 2013

The Egyptian Pavilion seems to bring to every Biennale a deeper sign of the political ferment that distinguishes its closer story, the traces of this long, bloody and controversial Arab spring in search of a new road to democracy.

Khaled Zaki at Heist

5 March to 30 April 2015

Khaled zaki // the pregnant
2014 bronze
77 x 18 x 20cm


Gallery Misr - 2014

I was pondering the concept of intersection while I crossed Hassan Sabry Road to Gallery Misr. The idea has a double connotation: mathematical, and romantic.

In the wind of January

Artspace - Dubai Show - 2014

Into the wind they surrender these elongated bodies. the have round trunks for legs and subtly clasped hands within which they hold a precious stone or flower as if it were an offering to an unknownforce.

دبي - محمد أبو عرب:

"رياح كانون الثاني" تروض الرخام والبرونز

يشتغل النحات المصري خالد زكي في معرضه "في رياح كانون الثاني" الذي يستضيفه غاليري آرت سبيس في دبي على واحدة من الموضوعات التي لا يتوقف الفن عن طرحها، والمتمثلة في الرؤية الجمالية للشكل الآدمي، وقدرته كتكوين جمالي على حمل الدلالات التي يريد الفنان إيصالها ...

European Travelers

Khaled Zaki at Safar Khan - 2002

Zaki left Egypt to live in Italy, a fact that has noticeably changed his work.This connection may be quite tenuous but is does bring the two very disparate artist together and allows visitors to the gallery to examine the effect of a place on an artist

First National prize

Galaa Square, cairo - 2000

First National prize for sculpture work and the redesign of Galaa Square - cairo

ياسر جاد يكتب:

خالد زكى (بين ابداع تتموزى وصوفية الرومى)

كان تواجدى بقاعة(جاليرى مصر الخاصة) بحى الزمالك الشهير .والذى كان يستضيف كوكبة من فنانى ومثالى مصر المعاصريين هو يوم حاسم وفارق فى إنجذابى نحو أعمال الرائع / خالد زكى ...

First prize in painting

Pietrasanta, Italy - 1989

First prize in painting , Pietrasanta - Italy 1989